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Leather has been used for centuries to make different kinds of goods as it was very durable and easily available from the hides of animals. In olden days it was used for shoes, hats and other sorts of covering that could save people from the inclement weather. Pouches, quivers for arrows, and many other utility items were made from leather by people living in far off places where the availability of cotton cloth was very rare.  Nowadays leather goods such as hats, shoes, belts, trousers, jackets, skirts and many more items for daily use are made by both cottage industries and heavy industries.

The leather is also used for bookbinding, making covers for furniture and well as wallpapers. It’s obtained by a process known as tanning where the rawhide and skin of an animal get treated to remove all unwanted stuff from its surface. There several tanning methods are used to obtain good leather from rawhide to make it suitable to be used for different purposes.  Each tanning process uses particular types of chemicals to give the leather an exceptional quality. Leather can be classified mainly into four types besides many other subtypes. Each type of leather has a particular use and costs according to the category it falls in.

The leather products made by different companies are either sold through retail outlets or through online stores which have become the rage thanks to Internet. Ashworth Made is one such online store where you can get a large number of articles made from leather which can be of daily use or utilized for some special occasions. The products that are available at this store includes camera straps, tool rolls, Leather wrap bracelet, field notes wallet, luggage tags, yoga mat straps, leather pouch bag, card holders, blanket carrier straps, cycling pant leg strap and much more.

One such article is the leather camera strap which is reasonably priced but is of immense value. A professional photographer or a person who is obsessed with photography has to carry his expensive camera with all its attachments wherever the profession or hobby beckons. Carrying the camera over the shoulder or around the neck for long durations can be quite painful. Relief from this discomfort is provided by the leather camera strap from AshworthMade, which is quite healthy, safe and supple at the same time. You will not feel anything when using such a strap to carry your precious camera around.

Businesses require that you increase the visibility of the brand and the product by presenting visiting cards to your clients and customers. What better way can you think of than taking out a beautifully hand-crafted leather card holder from your pocket or briefcase and remove a visiting card from it to give it to your client. Anybody who sees the card holder will be quite impressed with your choice and conducting business will be that much easier for you. Another product from AshworthMade worth mentioning is the stone oiled leather luggage tag with custom inscribed with your name and address. It can keep your luggage safe mo matter where you wander.

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