Replacement of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cabinet refacing advice for the novice

As the doors of the cabinets get used for many times, they get easily worn out and needs replacement ultimately. Is it possible for you to imagine the number of occasions that they are closed and opened in a year? On top of that, they are damaged more by the heat, smoke, and grease that gets produced during cooking. The first thing that comes to mind while remodeling a kitchen cabinet is the job of doors refinishing. Sometimes only the doors need replacement while the cabinet itself may be all right.

cabinet refacing

Materials for door replacement

The replacement of the doors of the cabinet is part of kitchen remodeling. A wide range of options on materials, styles, and designs are available to get the proper replacement for the doors. You will come to know more about it from this article.

Typically the doors of the cabinet are made from wooden sheets while laminates covering them help to make them more durable and easier to maintain. You can also use stainless steel or glass for the doors if you are not of wood. It matters little whether the doors are of the same material that the cabinet gets made of or any other material that you had chosen earlier. The only important point is that the color of the coat covering the body of the cabinet and the doors should match.

Door frames for cabinet

Doors for the cabinet available in the market can either have frames or can be without frames. The choice of having doors with or without frames is dependent on the core structure of the cabinet. The frames of the doors are approximately one-inch thick bordering all four sides of the door while the doors without frames have no such borders and get directly fixed to the sides of the cabinet. Doors with frames are also available that leave no part of the cabinet opening uncovered when closed and look just like frameless doors.

Types of cabinet materials

Normally three types of cabinet doors are available. The first category is the plain flat door while the second type has recessed panels and the third type has a raised design. Each type is available in a significant number of variants. The frames can have different thicknesses, can have curved or straight edges or can even have flat or hollow panels. You can use diverse designs for the various doors and the drawers of the cabinet.

Hardware for cabinet door

Choosing the accessories for the doors of the cabinet is the most captivating part of door refinishing. You will find an enormous amount of details about the accessories that can be used for the kitchen cabinet if you do some research. You can give the cabinet a modern look by using a piece of hardware that looks sleek. You do not have to use the same type of hardware for all the doors of the cabinet.

The time taken by this process is also less than other kitchen renovation operations.  To learn more visit

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